Uphold leaks data.

1 mail adress created specially for Uphold(onlyforbraverewards), this morning got a mail from Paypal, that a certain exchange(only Uphold knows about them, since i moved some assets.) that a missed invoice has not being paid(knowing that in the browser is not saved any info about that, i clicked that button, and it really goes to Paypal, but it blocks automatically the scamm).

Now the question …

How is possible to be contacted (no spam folder) , with specific details that only 2 parties knows about?

Weird that both parties responded : contact the other party, couse the fault is not on our end.

P.S the email adress is relative new(under 40 days), so it has nothing to do with previously data breaches.
Is a new one? that we will be announced after couple of months? maybe after some newbies get scammed?

Ss attached below.


Post approved after 3 days. :man_facepalming:

Yes we have had this post

@Saoiray provided quite some info about that.

I fully understand that they may share data with internal/external partners.
But this partners are scammers?

Check well my screenshots, is someone impersonating a payment processor(PP), and smart enouch to build a flow that actually is leading to original page, where if you were connected and had enouch money into account, that click button from email, would have been subtracted the amount and confirmed a invoice as paid.


The message from Pp page, that they removed/banned that invoice is just becouse i copied the url from mail, and removed some part from it(and it seems non-existent, did again by clicking to button where full url is present, after assuring myself that there is no login/pass is saved in my browser.).

I think, that has nothing to do with share data here, since they don t share with criminals.

Why i cant import wallet from Uphold to my 1inch wallet ? I can only be a viewer user

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