September Payment

Hello, greetings, I was following the thread of the September payment and it appears that it has been completed but I have reviewed my account and I have not received the payment.

I have my uphold verified and associate, I had bats of referrals but the payment did not arrive.

The email associated with the account is: [email protected]

Can you help me?


@steeven @Mattches @Aa-ron

Hi @Lili1, it looks like this is your current payout:

Yes, that’s it, I was supposed to receive the payment right now in September. But it didn’t happen, that’s why I opened this thread to fix it. Those references were confirmed in August, so the payment should have been in September, right? But the payment did not come.

@steeven @Aa-ron @Mattches

I also noticed that neither the statistics nor the reference graph appears.

Thanks for the info @Lili1, I’ve filed an issue to be reviewed.

Hi @steeven, how about my account too ?
the email associate with the uphold verified account : [email protected]

@steeven, Just sent you a DM.

I appreciate that you can help me

Thank you

HI @dekachavid, there is still an open issue looking into your account.

Ah, okay thank you for the information

Add me to the list of not receiving my ad rewards either. Can you help resolve this?

Hi, I have been reviewing my uphold and my account still does not receive the payment and the reference graph is still not displayed. What happened?

Thanks for the help in advance @steeven

@Lili1 what’s the email linked to your account? Thanks in advance!

The email is: [email protected]

Thank you! @steeven

Hi @Lili1, did you begin the process of creating a gemini wallet?

No, I use uphold and have it verified @steeven

Hi @steeven what has happened to my problem? Thanks again.

Hello @steeven, how about my account issue it has been since 5 day ago ?

Thank you very much for your help @steeven I checked my account and the reference chart appears, I just have a question, It says that the payment will be in October, but as I mentioned earlier, those references were confirmed in August and the payment should have been in September, so is it postponed until October?

Thank you very much for your help!

Hi @Lili1, that’s correct, they should be paid out as a part of the October 8th payment.

The email is: [email protected]

Thank you! @steeven