Uphold failing to recognise my account is in an accessible region

Recently deleted Gemini as it’s no longer supported and have been attempting to connect Uphold again. My account was registered in The Netherlands, which I have now switched to my current residence in the United Kingdom. I reverified my identity using my Australian driver’s license. Both United Kingdom and Australia are available regions and yet it continues to claim that my region is not supported, when trying to connect through desktop and mobile. Please help me rectify this ASAP, as it’s a gigantic hole in the Brave Rewards feature and at this point would be easier to switch to another browser.

@peptidiot94 the answer to your issue is likely as stated at Action required: connect a custodial account or your vBATs will be lost, Hungary - #4 by Saoiray

It doesn’t care about you updating your address. The API goes by your passport.

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