In supported region, but unable to connect accounts

G’day! I have a verified Brave Awards profile, and a verified Uphold account, but when I try to connect the two I get a message saying my region is not supported. Now, I am in New Zealand, which is definitely a supported region, but it turns out that it’s not the country of residence, nor the country where I am a tax resident that counts, but the ID that I scanned for verification, which was issued in a non-supported region. Wish anyone told me this before going through verification! Already went through Uphold support who told me to take the issue to Brave. So now what do I need to do to connect the two accounts?

Kind regards.

Well, @JoKra, sounds like you already answered your question. API from Uphold communicates to Brave that your country is whatever passport you used. So if you used a passport or other ID for a country that’s not supported, then you’ll have to get Uphold to change that. Otherwise, they’ll be reporting to Brave you’re from that other country.

I was afraid that would be the case. Uphold, however, say they cannot change my submitted ID (even though they neglected to tell me the issuer of my ID would determine my region in the first place).

Some time ago I created, verified, and used a Gemini account, but support for my region has since been revoked, and I can no longer connect to Gemini after re-installing Brave, so I’m really stuck here with no way to connect any account.

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