Connection for existing uphold wallet is not working on android

I am facing an issue with connecting Brave browser with my uphold wallet on android phone.
I have a Vrave browser on a linux machine and it’s working fine, now I installed Brave browser on my android phone and trying to connect to the same uphold wallet, but when I authorize, nothing really happens and I see 0 BAT and a link if I have verified uphold click the link and login.
If I login and authorize again, I became in the same loop.

How can I solve this?

Thank you for your help in advance

I’ve been having the exact same issue ever since I had to reinstall Brave on my phone. Before the reinstall I had my Uphold wallet connected and there were no issues. It’s been going on for several months, and I have attempted to connect to my Uphold wallet dozens of times. VERY frustrating

I have same problem . Icant connect my uphold

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