Uphold balance is not supported

As per the title, i’m not sure what changed in Brave to get this issue with region, i have clicked on the bottom said login to Uphold to view your balance but I surprised that its not in a supported region to view the balance as per the attached screenshot.

any comment about this, i’m unable to view my balance and im old user not new.


There’s nothing you can do but wait. See here.

@jnasser Please read everything at PSA: Unsupported Region Make sure you click on all links and read everything completely, then you’ll know better what is going on.

Shouldn’t be true. You can go to Uphold’s website to view your balance there. But yes, for the moment, Brave Rewards is unable to connect to Uphold so you won’t see your Uphold balance from the Brave Rewards tab or widget.

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Can you let me know when the account will be active again?

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