Region is not supported for my Brave Rewards

I used to get rewards every month for using brave browser
But now when I try to verify my uphold account with brave browser it says your region is not supported.

I am using brave browser and uphold account for last 3 years
Please make me eligible for rewards again as an old user, I will be very happy.

Please see the attachments

brave dsf

This is an issue a lot of us are experiencing, Brave says that “someday”, “somehow” is going to be fixed. I really don’t believe on that. Perform a search with the text “Region not supported” and you will find many people from different countries suffering this.

The result is that some of us will not receive more ads, and others will receive ads, but they will remain on the browser till the issue has been solved “someday”. They don’t even know when.

Now where can I find the solution?

Now where can I find the solution?

The solution is to wait patiently. You can read all details at PSA: Unsupported Region

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