Uphold and wallet verification

first i verified my account with uphold technical team but still it says my brave uphold wallet is not verified. I’ve been trying for a few days but without success.
It’s not verified on my phone either.
Kind regards!

Hi and welcome to the community.

There just isn’t enough information to help. Can you provide answers to the following questions? These are template questions displayed in the editor when you create a new topic in the Rewards Support category. If you have multiple devices, make sure you indicate the OS/Brave version for each device. Also, at the end of the questions, I have linked a topic that shows you how to check if your account is actually verified with Uphold.

What Operating System and Brave version are you using?
brave://version (just copy/paste first three lines)

Is your browser wallet currently verified? (yes/no)

What date did you verify your wallet?

Have you been able to successfully receive payments in the past?

Are you in a supported region (see here for list of supported regions)?
If yes, please indicate country.

Does your device pass the SafteyNet check (Android only)?

Have you manually turned off Auto-contribute on all of your devices linked to Uphold??

How to check verification status in Uphold:

@Benjamink Sorry I missed you for 4 days! Try to be careful when you post to make sure you actually categorize your Topics. This was in Uncategorized which tends to go overlooked, as we look into particular topics like #brave-rewards and all, which is where yours would belong. I’m actually going to edit and put yours there so it fits with the rest.

That said, what issue are you having when you’re trying to Verify your devices? Just to be clear, you should be going to your Rewards tab at brave://rewards/ and then hitting Verify. When you do this, it should open up for you to choose Uphold and then to Log In.

As long as everything is occurring within the browser (if on Android, make sure Uphold app doesn’t open when you go to Log In), once you sign in to your account and Authorize Brave, all should be connected and you’ll be able to see your Uphold balance from within Brave (even if it’s $0) , and where it used to say Verify it will now say My Wallet.

Without knowing how far you’ve gotten or what messages you’re seeing, I’ll leave it at that. But I will also say to check your Profile at Uphold to make sure you’ve completed ALL information. To verify this, go to Uphold.com and after you’re logged in, go to your Profile. If you don’t know how to find it, then click on this link AFTER you’re logged in.

I did everything again as you said, but it doesn’t work.
I get a warning saying I need a verified wallet.
Brave browser appears to be connected in the integrations section of uphold, but I am still getting the same warning.
please help!


@Benjamink Thank-you for the information.

@Saoiray can help!

@Benjamink The picture with your Uphold ID and other info, I wouldn’t share here. If you can remove it, maybe be the best. It is a lot of personal information that increases the risk of hacking. Try not to share publicly when you can.

This said, when I mentioned it needed full address, yours is missing. It shows only part of Turkey. They need house address and everything, to know precisely where you are. Many have expressed that this is an issue when they try to connect to Brave. So try to fill it out with as much detail as you can, then try again.

Also, your Profile doesn’t show Verified, which normally does. Let me do a screenshot of mine, but I’ll hide all my details.

OK, if you tell me what to do after this stage, I can handle it.

So I drew on top of my social security number, address, etc so it wasn’t made public, as that’s very personal information. But you see all the things they asked of me? Also there’s the portion that says Verified and explains when. Yours should have something like that, but I think they said it can’t show until after you put in your precise information. Try to complete everything as thoroughly as you can.

yes i saw it thanks
I’m thinking of contacting the support team again for this because I couldn’t see anything about account confirmation or correcting account confirmation information.

Yeah, because two different things. Uphold only asks you to put in basic information and then to send them documents for KYC/AML. They keep that on file for themselves and don’t always place it in your profile. So as far as Uphold is concerned, you’ve done everything they need. But there’s the additional layer of information and confirmation that would need to be done for places like Brave. To do that, you just have to put in all your details in that Profile section and then try to link, I think.

Obviously it’s been a while since I did mine, so I can’t remember all the specifics from 2 years ago or how things are changing. But I do remember someone in another country had told me once they added their full residential address, it allowed them to connect to Uphold via Brave. But without that, it was giving the error as you received.

I wish you thanks.
I’ll be here again if any problems arise.

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Do me a favor and return either way. If it gets resolved, come let us know so others having similar issues in the future might know what the solution was. It also helps me to make sure I didn’t miss anything and can provide accurate information to others in the future as well.

And of course, if it doesn’t work, will have to figure out what else is going on. But a response for good or bad would be very much appreciated.

Of course, wait for my answer.

(I hope my problem will be solved soon)

I linked my account.
The problem was exactly because I filled in my full address incorrectly.

(As you said, unless the residence address is “exactly” correct, they will encounter such a problem a lot)


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thank you for your help. thanks

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