Uphold Account review and dissapearing Bats

Good day Brave team,
I have an issue since this morning, yesterday i had 4 bats in transition to the wallet as rewards from november, but this morning was the payday and the uphold account says is under review, since then the 4 bats aren’t shown anywhere anymore from the device, i wanted to know if they are going to show after the uphold account is over from the review or if i can have the tokens back.

Thank you

@zhift01 Current payout is still in progress. The countdown you saw in your browser is just is a countdown to when payments begin to process. Since it reached the day it was counting to, it went away.

This all depends on what happens with Uphold. If the BAT arrives and is accepted by Uphold, then it will be between you and Uphold to get the funds. You would likely do this through an Uphold Support Ticket. Of course, if they close your account, it’s always possible they will refuse to release any funds to you. This happens in particular if they closed your account due to deceit or fraud.

If the transaction never completes, then it should be rejected by Uphold, such as they closed your account before BAT arrived. What happens after is something I don’t feel confident answering. If you hit that situation, I’d likely suggest you would then submit a Rewards Support Ticket to try to get someone from Brave to assist and provide you an official answer.

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