Updates that are not working

I have updated the Brave app several times, but when I want to create an account it always appears “Sorry, it seems that Brave Rewards is not available on your device.” Like this picture. Please resolve this soon

Hey @markzuk,
did you turn on the rewards? brave://rewards/ Check it out.
If you do so now, also turn on Advertising and set it to 5 per hour!

Why i am asking? I don’t see the triangle icon, next to the lion head icon in the adress bar. It should be there if rewards are enabled.
It also should look like this then!

Please tanslate text of my screenshot

Rewards may not be working for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Browser not updated to latest version (seems like you’ve done this though)
  • Phone/device does not pass SafteyNet check
  • Phone/device is rooted
  • Brave Rewards is not available in your region

:point_up: Can you tell me what (if any) of the above are true?

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Not of all, but the brave is low project, because not support for Xiaomi resmi 6

Pada tanggal Sab, 3 Okt 2020 1.06 AM Mattches via Brave Community <brave@discoursemail.com menulis:

Can you please clarify exactly which of the above issues apply to your situation?

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