Rewards triangle will not open

Not really sure how computers work. I am not seeing any brave adds or rewards. Your wllet thing asked me to resign in, it lasted about two hours, now i can’t click to see how adds or rewards i get. I asked about this issue before and was told it might be on my end. Wouldn’t even know how to start to check or find out. Not computer savy. I don’t even know what to ask for help about now. The triangle at the top on the far right of the brave search bar will not open for me to see or use. How to fix this on my android device.

What do you mean ?

Could you type in ‘brave://rewards-internals’ in the URL bar, does it say profile not created anywhere ?

Definitely you tried to login to another device, and the triangle is not responding anymore to click.
But if you go to brave://rewwards as @SmartyAadi suggested, there you can interact and see your settings.

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