Brave Awards warning!

Hey ,

i’ve problem about brave awards and couldnt solve it . Could u help me ?

My phone is Xiaomi Mi8.

Lots of my friends who use same phone can reach this .but i cant.


“Sorry, but BraveAwards could not used by ur phone.” i dont understand what the problem is !!

Hello @gobek60

is your phone is rooted or do you use custom rom?

Custom rom , thank you :wave:

you welcome :slight_smile:
unfortunately brave reward is not available for custom rom

Really :flushed: but mu friend has the same phone which has custom rom :slight_smile:

let me ask for one of the team for that @Mattches

and have a nice day both of you

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I can’t speak for your friend, but it’s very likely that this is the reason Brave Rewards isn’t working. If you want to test, you can try reinstalling the application or downloading the Brave Nightly app and checking to see if Rewards works in that version.

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Sorry for reply bro :pray: and thnx for ur advise , i’ll check and write again :wave:

Now it’s(brave nightly) working , thnx much :pray:

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