Updated MacBook to Monterey 12.7.5, Brave dmg won't open or load

Just updated 2016 MacBook to Monterey 12.7.5. Brave had been reporting it could not update on the previous, much older, Mac OS. After Monterey 12.7.5 update was complete, downloaded Brave from brave.com site, for OS, and it downloaded dmg as usual, however it would not open on double click to begin install,

Reproduced 3 times by bringing dmg to trash, redownloading Brave for OS again, same problem. Can’t get Brave to actually download and install on the OS now.

Dmg remains un-openable, cannot install Brave on the new Mac OS on this MacBook (early 2016, Retina, 12 in).

Want to be able to use Brave on this computer as my default browser as usual.

Has only reproduced - no way to get Brave dmg to open after update.

OS just downloaded/installed: Monterey 12.7.5. Cannot check Brave version as I cannot install the latest version available for OS on Brave site.

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