Unsupported regions - India

When will India be supported again ? It’s been taking a lot time.


I have this problem too… Am from Sri Lanka

I also posted (My post: I can't verify my Creator accounts using Gemini or Uphold) before about this problem before. But no-one had a solution. :melting_face: :no_mouth: :roll_eyes: :face_in_clouds:

Don’t expect much as India’s crypto rule is similar to Germany’s rule .

Because there is no “solution.” Either your region is supported or it’s not. If not supported, you have no chance to withdraw BAT.

Nobody knows. People from Brave always talk like India is important and in the works, but it’s never happened. It used to be their #1 priority supposedly, but then Brazil and many other countries were added.

Part of me is beginning to assume it won’t be happening with Uphold or Gemini and that we’ll have to wait for another custodial partner to be added, which they have supposedly been working on since June. Though they haven’t told us which exchange it is or any information beyond just saying they were in the middle of finalizing a deal. (Been long enough starting to think the deal might have fallen apart, but they won’t give any details or updates).

If nothing else, I’d advise to consider that it’s likely not going to happen before 1.48, which is going to come out around February. If happens sooner, then can be happy. But otherwise, prepare your mind for another 2-5 months.

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@Saoiray Saoiray, it’s about February now, any updates on the new custodian account integration for India ?

Already answered in my main topic about regions. Nothing known. Always put any updates there

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