Unpaid and missing BAT

In May i didn’t receive my April Rewards, but the estimated rewards still remained. Two weeks ago, the estimated rewards dissappeared. I had more than 2BAT and now they are 0.3. Now, June 5th, I haven’t received neither April or May payouts.
There is no option that says “Claim your rewards” and they haven’t been uploaded to Uphold.
What happended with my rewards?


I have EXACTLY THE same Issue, my “rewards” dissapear , and by claimed “funds” do not go to my uphold wallet which is verified and connected … may delete this browser as it is buggy and insecure

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I think I am beginning to notice the same problem, since about spring this year I have started to notice more things not as good, and people commenting the same, but I am stilll sticking with it for now. I’ll give it the couple of days it says for funds to go into uphold, but it’s annoying when was not paid for one month, and i have tried things like resetting, losing a small amount of bat in the process, and still no further along. Anyone else also barely getting any ads? (England here)