Unknown Double Transactions

I recently got an Uphold account so I could transfer BAT from Coinbase to my browser. Having transferred 57 BAT, I then tipped a website 20 BAT in 2 tips. However, the browser somehow ended up sending 37.05 BAT in 5 separate transactions to “Uphold Member”, none of which was 10 BAT. I don’t even know whether they got to the website I intended to send them to, “Uphold Member” could be anyone.

Can anyone help?


Brave Rewards now says it’s tipped 10 BAT, 7.8 BAT, 10 BAT, and 7.8 BAT. Given that there’s no option to send 7.8 BAT, what’s going on?

I love Brave and BAT is a great idea, but this is a bit much.


I’m running Windows 10 X86, with Brave [Version 1.3.114 Chromium: 80.0.3987.87 (Official Build) (32-bit)]

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