Unavailable BAT

Instead of my BAT balance, it says “unavailable BAT” on all of my creator accounts. Is this a new glitch??


I hope so, it’s seems to be happening to a few of us, I thought it was just my account at first but a few people have posted here.

Same issue here too.


I had about 22 or 25 BAT here but today, when I logged in to check it, showed me this.

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Need publisher’s answer

@eljuno Is this a glitch?

Hi, in my side it’s been a week or so that my balance jump from 57 BAT to -16 BAT to 21 BAT and now I’ve got the same as you guys Balance Unavailable.

I have the same issue showing some balance in wallet, But in brave Rewards it is showing balance unavailable No deposit s made yet.

I’m having the same problem here… My site and my YouTube channel are unavailable too.

same probleme here got 190 bat aprox im a bit sad …

This is happening to me as well. Everything was fine until yesterday.

Please advise.

@steeven @eljuno

waiting patiently

aun no se pronuncia ningun admi¿

looks like an error on the server side. the call that fetches data about balance and uphold payments is broken
by the way, I have the same issue.

hay un correo para comunicarse con ellos¿¿

Hi all - this is a known server issue and the team is currently investigating. I will post here as soon as the fix is in place.


cool. there seems to be a bit of stress on the server side in the past week or so. were there some updates or just too many transactions that brought up some bugs?

I had a local wallet and lost everything, my bookmarks were also wiped

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