Unable to Use Verified Gemini Wallet on Brave Desktop Version in Supported Region

Hi, i am currently using Brave Version 1.49.120 Chromium: 111.0.5563.64 (Official Build) (64 bit) desktop on Windows 11 from Italy. My Brave Rewards Profile is verified, and I have successfully received payments in the past. I am not using a VPN and am in a supported region (Italy).

However, I am experiencing an issue with the ability to use my verified Gemini wallet. While I can use it perfectly fine on the mobile version of Brave, it appears to be disabled on the desktop version. Please let me know if there’s any additional information I can provide to help resolve this issue

Gemini is now supported only in the US.

But if you were connected to Gemini on the same rewards profile, you may be able to reconnect.
Go to brave://flags → Enable flag called ‘Always show Brave Rewards custodial connection options’ → Once enabled, the buttons start working again and you may be able to reconnect to Gemini.

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Thanks for replying, I tried to follow the steps you told me, and the button actually reactivated but the error message remains.
it tells me that my country is not supported, is it possible that it happens because I formatted the pc and reinstalled Brave? but my brave has already been connected with my Gemini Account in the past.

ok, i understood the problem thanks my account was disconnected and now it is not possible to reconnect it.
Since brave mobile is still connected on my smartphone, is there no way to synchronize the 2 desktop and mobile balance sheets so that I can deposit them from the mobile app?

Non sei riuscito a creare un conto con Uphold vero?
Quei bastardi vogliono che tu prima li dai qualche soldi, e dopo ti accettano come cliente.

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Non mi vogliono verificare il profilo quelli di Uphold…

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Yes it is because when you formatted and reinstalled brave, it created a new Rewards profile therefore isn’t eligible to re connect to Gemini.

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