Unable to save JSON from iOS Brave to file

Description of the issue: When a loaded page is JSON, Brave on iOS doesn’t save the page correctly to a file if the page is behind a login wall. It seems that Brave is saving the file by repeating the request to the server, but without any cookies, which ends up saving the login page rather than the contents of the page. I would expect that saving contents that’s already been loaded in the browser would not repeat the request to the server at all but would use the downloaded/cached version to save to a file on the filesystem.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Navigate to a page showing JSON behind a login wall (stt.disruptorbeam.com/player?client_api=17)
  2. Login and wait for JSON contents to load completely
  3. Go to “Share with…” and select “Save to Files”

Expected result: Contents of the current browser window should be saved to a file on the filesystem.

Brave Version( check About Brave): 1.49.1 (

Mobile Device details iPhone 13 Pro Max, iOS 16.14.1 (a)

Additional Information: I’ve first noticed this a long time ago (probably a few Brave and iOS versions prior to today).

Note: I’m seeing the same behaviour on Brave version 1.50 ( after I did an update today.

Does this not happen with other iOS browsers to you?

No, this works as intended with iOS Safari. I can use Safari just fine for this one thing, but I hate the fact I need to switch browsers only to do this, since I’ve been using Brave on multiple platforms for years now.

The thing is - when doing a “Share with…” from Safari - there is an option button to select “Web Archive” for the JSON file and then the browser saves the already downloaded file when I select “Save to Files” in the dialog.

Perhaps this is something that can be done for Brave on iOS too?

To summarize:

  • On iOS Brave it is not possible to save a web page consisting of JSON into a file if the page is behind a login wall.
  • It is suspected that this is due to Brave repeating the request to the original address w/out any session cookies
  • On iOS Safari, there is an additional option when saving a web page: if a “Web Archive” is selected as the type of the file to be saved - the cached (already downloaded) JSON is saved. If another type is chosen - save behaviour as for Brave is observed.

Is there any chance to include this option to Brave? Thanks!

Hello, is anyone encountering this issue too? Is this the correct forum to post such bugs? Or is there another place where this could be submitted as a feature request? Thanks.

Hi. Any updates on this issue?

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