In Brave, how do I 'save as' or download any file to a phone

I have been given a second hand iPhone SE to replace a no longer so smart Samsung (almost ten years old, with a preinstalled MySpace). I have now installed Brave to the SE, but have had issues trying to save files easily as I would unto a computer.

For example, on a website there may be a list of files, eg wallpapers, ringtones etc.

In Safari on the phone, I can tap on a file, and if I am not automatically prompted to save it to the phone, the screen will usually change to a new tab and show or play the file. I can then press a button on screen for more options, and choose ‘Save to Files’ to add the file to my phone.

On windows, I could simply right click and ‘save as’ . In some phone browsers I may be able to also hold my finger down on any file or link, and I will get a pop up option to save to the computer. Is a save option for files available with Brave? Perhaps for security reasons it is missing, or I have just missed it. I haven’t tried the browser on android yet to compare in terms of options. Running ios 13, Brave 1.11.4


When you click the context menu (the “…” on the upper right), you’ll see a row of icons appear – the third one down is the button you want (it’s a circle with a downwards arrow inside it). This will let you save the current page to your phone’s memory.

Thanks for the reply. yes, whether it’s to save an entire page, or an item on the page, both options would be useful. Depending on element, this would change to ‘save image as’, ‘save audio as’, ‘save link as’, or on a blank part of the screen ‘save page as’ etc.

I have just updated to v1.12. The ‘. . .’ option is on the bottom right. This option lists Settings, History, Bookmarks, Downloads, Add Bookmark, and Share With. ‘Downloads’ has a 90 degree clockwise ] icon with a downwards arrow, and takes me to a page for all recent or past files downloaded, an empty page

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