Unable to open links from the Windows 10 Mail app when Brave is set as the default browser

Description of the issue: Hyperlinks from emails in the Windows 10 Mail app fail to open when Brave is set as the default browser. The specific message seen is “Unable to open” followed by the specific URL. Links open as expected when Edge is set as the default, but also fail to open when Firefox is the default.

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Set Brave as the default browser. 2. Navigate in the Windows 10 Mail app to an email that contains a hyperlink. 3. Error message opens and nothing else happens.

Actual Result:

(Blacked out some of URL)

Expected result: Webpage opens in Brave in a new tab.

Reproduces how often: Every time I’ve tried today (10-12 times so far).

Operating System and Brave Version: Windows 10 Insider Preview (Slow Ring), Brave Version 0.68.141 Chromium: 77.0.3865.90

Thank you for your help!

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