Unable to find: "Share email page link" or "Share on Twitter, Facebook, etc." in 0.57.18

I appreciate your indulgence. Yes, I’m a newbie, and I’ve searched carefully can can’t find anything related to this topic.

Since the menu bar has been removed in 0.57.18, I am unable to click on which opens the drop down menu and then click on to select or etc.

So, how do I share links that open my email app or one of the social media apps?

What am I missing?

Also, sorry, but I really appreciated the handiness of the “Menu Bar.” Yes, I realize that most of the menu items would be redundant since they are available elsewhere, but I really liked the handiness of the feature. And it only took about 3/8" along the top of the screen. Couldn’t it be dropped down to the same row as the “Backward” “Forward” “Reload Page” buttons and included in future releases?

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