Unable to delete Brave from Windows 10 -1903 update

I just finished downloading and installing Windows 10 1903 edition and Brave is no longer working for me. I tried to use Window uninstaller and it tells me to close Brave components. I have rebooted my computer and went to Windows Uninstaller and tried again and got the same message as before.
Any help?


You should try the following before uninstalling:
Press CTRL+Shift+ESC and click on “More details”. In the “Processes” tab that opens, scroll through and exit all running Brave processes (also note the background processes). Then try uninstalling again. Please write if it (didn’t) work.

For me Brave worked after the update to 1903. Which Brave version was used is roughly enough, I think, whether Muon or Chromium (if it tells you something…). Did you use the official version, or e.g. the beta?

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Thanks for the reply. I attempted to try your solution, clicked on Brave and guess what, Brave is now working.
Thank you for your help. This was the third reboot and I didn’t think it would ever work again.