Cannot Uninstall Brave on Windows 10

I go to Control Panel>Apps&Features and I click on Uninstall like any other app. This is the message I receive:

I looked on your message board and am highly disappointed. All the threads that deal with this issue are closed. However, none provide a solution to this issue. One thing I did notice is that the folder number is different on the error message than the folder numbers in the Brave Application folder. I have two folders in the Brave Application folder: and The error message shows

Someone please provide all of us a permanent solution to uninstalling your software. How in the world can you not fix this when this has been an issue for so long?

Oh yeah, I checked the version of Brave and always receive this message and every time I hit relaunch, it relaunches with the same message, same version numbers.

Nearly up to date! Relaunch Brave to finish updating.
Version 0.66.101 Chromium: 75.0.3770.142 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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It’s seems because your Brave is failed to update to latest version. 0.66.101 is a bit outdated.

Can you try:

  • Download the installer from or if you still have a copy on your device,
  • Then run the installer. Make sure you close all Brave processes.
  • No need to uninstall . Just run the installer. It’ll try to fetch the latest version.

After that, you can try to uninstall again.
Let me know if it’s still not working.

Nice! That worked! Thank you so much for the help!