Unable to connect to uphold account. Cant able to generate referral link :( Please help!

Trying to generate referral link but unable to do so .:confounded:

Hi @donxzypooh, Welcome to Community!
You shouldn’t need to connect to Uphold to general a referral link, can you confirm if you have a Creators account? http://creators.brave.com/

Hi Aaron,

My uphold is already connected. Its saying having trouble to communicate with uphold

Yes I have creators accound and already added my youtube channel

Can you elaborate more on not being able to generate a referral link? Can you share a screenshot of the issue?

Even I’m unable to get the referral link, I have mentioned you in a post, screenshots there.
Please help, thanks in advance.

This one showing even Im verified and connected to uphold.

I see that you are from your mobile phone, did you try to do it from a desktop pc?

Yes I tried but didnt work . Please help!

I don’t really understand your problem, I know you can’t create a referral link but … did you link your social network? Did you click where it says Refer your fans and earn token ?? In the screenshot it seems that you would not have entered there without counting that there seems to be a verification problem in an Uphold account (it is important that you have done your KYC in Uphold) … I’m just trying to help you but that capture seems confusing to me still

must be activate promo

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