Udemy prices different on Brave vs. Chrome?

I just bought a course on Udemy where the instructor gave a certain discount but that discount didn’t reflect in my Brave browser. When I opened Chrome, sure thing the discount was there. This is worrying to me as I’m thinking what else is being blocked/not working which SHOULD in effect benefit me, but ends up to my detriment?

Cost Difference

Just tested same link in Brave. Seems okay, maybe re-test (logout/login again). If it’s still occuring, maybe contact udemy support?

Testing on my end gets me the same results as @fanboynz – I would definitely contact Udemy support on this.


Really weird as I even did a hard-refresh of both browsers but still got the same result on both. Went for the “cheaper browser” anyway and got it at that price so no testing anymore possible unfortunately.

Will keep an eye on this and test again with a different course in due time. Thx for the counter-testing!

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@kobusdutoit – apologies but can you clarify what you mean when you say “cheaper browser”?

I used chrome in this instance as it showcased the cheaper price on Udemy - hence “cheaper browser”. Wrong choice of words I suppose but still prefer Brave, just a little wary now.

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