Two functions request

Hi guys! I’ve trying Brave after Firefox… And can not found an easy function. Please help me with it.

Stay running with last tab closed. Let it will show start browser page with photo or home page (preferred) or just blank area.
Maybe it seems strange, but I can press “ctrl-shift-t” and get last closed window. Or some ones. Or press “Home” and get my homepage.

Another function is “enter in address line opens a new tab”.
Usually I closing non-actual tabs and opens actual. It’s very uncomfortable when useful tab is replaced by my new search, for example. I’ve expect it will be opened new tab for search.
…and the same thing for the externalyl-opened links: when I opening a link from another application (text editor for example) - it should be new tab opened. Preserving a content of existing tab.

That’s strange that nobody replied: is it really unrealized? I think that deserved to be realized.

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