Twitch Channel not Verifying

I have added my twitch channel over 72 hours ago. The eta was 24-48 hours. May I inquire as to why it is taking so long when my website verification was done fairly quickly? If this is a manual process on Brave’s side, please disclose that to the user.

I tried other corrections such as deleting publishers_list file to see if it was a caching issue but still not resolved.

My twitch channel is

Any help would be appreciated.

Add of channel and getting a referral link is already stopped. Referring users is finished until November 23rd 2020, You will no longer going to get a referral link to refer peoples.

Not looking for referral link. just want to add channel. and adding my website worked fine just not the twitch channel.

why you need to add website ? are the affilate program still work with you ?

EXACTLY. why add channel

every day i see many publishers still promote brave but i don’t know how ?
any one have info ?

I just want to accept tips. not refer people to brave

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