Verifying my channel!

Can you guys please help me how long they verify your channel ?

I’ve wait for 2 days and i didnt see my verification status for my channel in the Brave browser.

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Apologies but did you already go through the verification process and are simply waiting?

Yes but one more thing that i’ve gave the referral link to the audience and i’ve seen they doenloaf it and sign up already but why I didn’t receive any downloaded yet ? (I gave the link to 6 people and they downloaded it and sign up already) @Mattches

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Which channel did you add

Youtube channel :(( @CGNV

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Once you finished verifying your channel and it’s listed on your Creator account, then it’s already verified @qkhangle.

And it’s require 24-48 hours. For your Brave to update its local publisher list.



I also added my channel,
My channel verified in exactly twenty-four hours,
If your channel is verified,
after login your channel,
You can see tick Mark. blue

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