Turn off print screen hotkey

How to turn off Brave’s print screen hotkey??

I want to use screenshot program I am used to but it doesn’t work (ONLY in Brave) because of those dumb built-in Brave hotkeys. An I want to keep print creen button cause I am used to it for many years, Just need to turn off Brave’s print screen hotkey
How to??

This idea with built in hotkeys is real disaster. So many interference with other apps. Turn it all off at last, let users choose.

This is a byproduct of the underlying Chromium engine and unfortunately there is no way to do this natively. It does look like there is an extension that can do this for you though:

Provided extension only works with shortcuts containing Ctrl and Alt keys
Doesn’t work with print screen key

Any other way? I believe config tab (like about:config in Forefox) must have the solution but don’t know how to use it in Brave, for this problem

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