Try to install Brave failed

why are you sending me angry messages? it wasn’t my fault I also suffered because of it

Hey guys, I am having the same trouble. I tried using the github version as well with no luck. I don’t think I have anything running that could block it. (error is after the connecting to internet message, “unable to connect to internet”)

Hi . im using window 7 32 bit . can not download this version . thanks

Feel free to provide more information about your issue/question.


thanks you so much @eljuno

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@vitas an angry emoji without more information is not really helpful.

Which OS? Did you download from

@bacdat09 try download an offline installer from here

  • BraveBrowserStandaloneSetup32.exe for Windows 32bit
  • BraveBrowserStandaloneSetup.exe for Windows 64bit
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if you just download everything is fine. if the referral link is an error. tried with windows 7, 10. 32, 64bit

thank i will try :smiley: maybe new version need time . dont angry

agree. just wait and try again later :smile:

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Note: I merged another thread so it’s easier to track 1 main thread. Thanks

Hello all,
I gave the link to the offline installer on GitHub is because I assumed the installer is for yourself.

Regarding online installer and referral, currently there’s a maintenance with the update server. So I believe this is the cause you unable to download it.

Thanks for your patience.

@eljuno 1 referral was going to install brave and he has windows 8.1, he told me that when he wants to install it, he says error, he says connecting to the internet as well as to all those who have commented in the community, I already lost the referral, because it was installed Google Chrome:, v

I am unable to connect to internet after download to install Brave (Windows 10 64). Please provide specific URL and instructions of how to fix this. Thanks.

Can you try again @gustavplato? It’s should works now.

Hello everyone, I speak for some who understand the seriousness of this problem, who call (update) looking for the solution to continue referring users to have our payments. We are not looking to install brave github. For some who do not understand that installing brave from github is not the same as doing it with the reference link of each user. I want the community to help us and ask specific questions like (when I can continue referring through my link to accumulate users and my BATs.) Answer

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it works now like a charm. Thanks eljuno for the quick fix

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I tried it again and it is working. Thank you.

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You missed my previous reply @nicolasicozamora . :point_up:

And you can try again now. It should works.

Are you running any specific anti-virus or the ‘Controlled Folders’ feature in Windows 10? I’ve run into an issue before where both my AV and that feature stopped the installation of Brave.

I believe I might have used the controlled folder function at some point and run into issues when trying to take it off again. Not sure how to check for it now and what to do to fix this. As of AV I have the in built windows defender.