Transfert non-verified BAT from Android to Desktop

Would it be possible to allow android phone users to transfer their BAT rewards to their desktops as iphones can do now that withdrawal has been removed in many countries?

This would help to save rewards in various events, such as changing phones or resetting it, as we save brave files as on desktop.

Especially that there are no clear date when withdrawals will come back. As far as I know, France and India will be the priority for the “coming months”, but there are no information about other countries.

Apologies if the feature was already discussed, I’ve not seen any open posts or recent answers about it with the current withdrawal situation.

Don’t know why this doesn’t have more votes. But yes, would be a great boon to the users if implemented

A possible reason is the fact that Brave is working to overhaul the reward system so that it is easier than it is today to backup unverified accounts.

However, I didn’t read much so far and it is still a work in progress.

I just hope that the overhaul will just allow you to have a “brave profile” and can just connect it to any new devices (regardless the reason) and pursue your reward track where you were from a previous device (so remove an old one) or add a new one.

If it happens, the entire Brave rewards ecosystem would be much more flexible and user friendly