Transferring tokens failed!

Can someone tell why I have this error in my brave logs
[09 Dec 2021, 8:10:29.2] Token list empty
[09 Dec 2021, 8:10:29.2] Transferring tokens failed!
My wallet is verified.


Same things shows to me, I did DM to the concern person but no response yet.

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I got the same issue since 3 days,
no ads and got the error

[20 Δεκ 2021, 5:39:57,3 μ.μ] Token list empty
[20 Δεκ 2021, 5:39:57,3 μ.μ] Transferring tokens failed!
lastest browser version , win11

I also have the same issue.
Please take a look at this, admin!

Same with me also. Idk what’s this? I’ve raised a complaint also but nothing happened.

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