Totally Disable Picture In Picture

I would very much like to have the option to completely and totally disable the new Picture In Picture feature.

Why do I want this completely and totally disabled?

Because it is very intrusive when you scroll down a web page and a video follows you down the webpage as you scroll.

This behaviour often obscures the content on areas of the webpage.

There is no way to stop this behaviour, I have tried many Chrome Web Store Extensions to try and stop this Picture In Picture behaviour.

I have also tried disabling all the relevant brave://flags.

But NOTHING at all stops this extremely annoying and highly intrusive Picture In Picture behaviour

In addition I am aware that many other Chrome based browser users also find this unstoppable Picture In Picture behaviour to be extremely annoying and intrusive.

That’s usually not a pip screen its part of the page.


No it is most definitely NOT part of the webpage.

What follows me down the page is an actual video in a frame which has been placed on the website.

The actual video content actually follows you down the page in a floating frame.

This behaviour has only started since the new Picture In Picture function was introduced to web browsers.

I am believe that Google was responsible for introducing this feature.

A huge number of people are complaining about the extremely intrusive behaviour of this Picture In Picture function.

The worst part is that this has been so poorly implemented that you do NOT have any degree of control, you cant turn off the Picture In Picture function or disable the floating frame containing the video which follows you down the webpage and obscures webpage content and becomes extremely intrusive and annoying.

I have tried every possible thing to try and disable this Picture In Pict function via Chrome Extensions and modifying brave://flags which relate to this.

But NOTHING has been able to stop this new Picture In Picture function.

I am requesting that Brave developers could give an option to disable the floating video frames or preferably gives us the option to completely and totally disable the new Picture In Picture function.

Are you able to move it? What websites?

what do you mean, it animates as you scroll?


No you can not move the picture.

This occurs on any website that has chosen to feature a video.

The video still keeps playing in its own frame and it floats down the webpage following you as you scroll.

I repeat this behaviour is a direct result of Google introducing the new Picture In Picture function.

Ask yourself the following question:
Why is this function called Picture In Picture?.

The best way to describe this is to think of the Picture In Picture function found on many modern televisions.

That feature allows you to watch a movie and you can also choose to keep track of what is on another channel via a small video frame located in a corner of your television screen.

The stubborn blockheads at Google have NOT given us Chrome(or Chrome based Browsers) any option to disable it.

This Picture In Picture is always on and no matter what you try you can’t disable it.

Chrome developers have been extremely stubborn about many other changes to Chrome.

For example they will NOT give Chrome users the choice to disable Search Suggestions or keep them enabled, this is despite the fact that many Chrome users don’t want them because they are often inaccurate and there are also personal privacy reasons for some people not wanting them.

This issue has been a very long term bone of contention and a great many Chrome users having been pleading for a change of heart from Google. But Chrome developers still don’t listen to what Chrome users want and don’t want and stubbornly point blank refuse to change anything.

Chrome developers have also made many other nonsensical changes to Chrome, they introduced a Tab Mute function and shortly thereafter removed it.

Once again many Chrome users protested the removal of the Tab Muting Function and yet again the many pleas fell on deaf ears.

Now the developers of Chrome are trying their best to cripple ad-blocking extensions.

Yet again these plans to cripple ad-blocking extensions have been met with universal condemnation and very loud howls of protest.

The folks at Google never ever listen to what Chrome users want and don’t want and they just bury their heads in the sand like an Ostrich.

These are just a few of the many reasons I decided to switch to Brave.

The developers of Brave have given us the option to completely disable Search Suggestions and put back the removed Tab Muting function as well as introducing their own ad-blocker to counter Googles attempts to cripple ad-blocking extensions.

It’s clear Brave developers are listening to the feature requests made by Brave users.

Check if you have autoplay on and that’s all I can think of. I’m tagging @steeven and @Aa-ron of the support team to see if they have any ideas.

So you are talking about the video ads that pop out and follow you?

Hi Sam Greenwood,

I never ever have autoplay enabled on any website to stop spontaneous autoplaying videos that instantly start playing without any user action.

Hi TedIsTheNewEd,

No these are not in anyway ads.

They are videos found on nearly every website which has video, music or they can be educational, but yes I believe your description is more accurate as the video content does pop out and follow you

They are placed often on the webpage because of they are related to the story.

They are not what I would call part of the actual webpage,
they are actual videos created by the website or those videos have been sourced elsewhere like YouTube.

But the fact remains they are in an actual video frame/player, such as would be found on a typical video tubesite.

Once again I must insist that this behaviour never ever existed until those stubborn Google blockheads decide to implement Picture In Picture in the way they want it to be designed.

As usual with Google they pushed out this Picture In Picture to Chrome users and yet again they left with us no choice in regards to either enabling or disabling this Picture In Picture, it was simply thrust upon us all.

Your referring to those annoying video that CNET autoplays?


No not those CNET autoplays.

What I am trying to describe accurately are found just about on any website.

Perhaps a better way of describing them would be that the embedded video “Pops Out” and overlays over part the webpage and floats on top of the content in a small mini sized video player which then follows you down the webpage as you scroll.

This is extremely intrusive and annoying behaviour and I have yet to find a way to stop this Picture In Picture behaviour.

The good people here at Brave have done such a great job at giving us the features that we really want such as disabling Search Suggestions and restoring features that the Google Chrome have removed such as the Tab Mute function.

The developers of Brave are doing everything they possibly can to counter Googles plans to cripple ad-blocking extensions via introducing their own built in ad-blocker and trying to reverse engineer their detrimental changes.

This is all possible because from the start Google have made the source code for Chrome publicly available and thus we have customised versions of Chrome.

I am not sure what the confusion is about since it is a very common situation on the web today. It also happens on your phone. An example of picture-in-picture is when you are trying to navigate to your messaging app because someone has texted you but the video you are watching in youtube, instead of minimizing in the background floats on top of your screen and continues to play. This, on a cell phone is the devil’s own work, because why obscure half the screen or more when I am obviously trying to do something else.

Another example is when you are using a navigation application and you need to minimize it. The app assumes you have not idea what you really want and keeps a screen on the front/top layer of the UI instead of allowing you to minimize it fully. This is seen on CNN and other websites with imbedded video. This is not the same as autoplay, although many of these videos also autoplay and I find the picture-in-picture settings allow it to autoplay even when you have it set specifically to stop.

The solution on a cell phone is to disable the picture-in-picture option in the settings - which of course has to be done in the most problematic way - each application individually.

However, this post is referring to the desktop browser behavior, which I am also having a problem with which is why I came across the topic. The problem is that when you scroll down a page the video at the top of the page - if it is playing or not - follows you down the page. It is like a floating CSS frame that is static on the page. It generally populates in the lower corner of the screen but it is a nuisance on the same level as pop up advertising and I am frustrated that the concept is so foreign to everyone answering these posts because it means that no one from the Brave development team is paying attention to this and I feel it is a big deal. It can be used for browser hijacking and malicious code. It is, I feel, one of the things Brave as a browser was designed to stop.

I have included two images so that you can see the actual frames we are referencing and hopefully this clears up any confusion.


Can we please have an update on this issue.

Are the people at Brave actively looking at solving this problem or just ignoring it?

A previous poster has provided screenshots which accurately show this problematic behaviour.

This Picture in Picture function has become aggressive and highly intrusive in its behaviour and there is no way to stop it.

Thanks for bumping the topic. As far as I understand it, no one from Brave has any interest in this or has ever read it.

Brave has even removed some settings related to stopping auto-play because they are simply building on top of Chrome and Chrome has removed them. Chrome has become less user friendly and less privacy oriented and I feel Brave has abandoned its original purpose regarding user privacy and protection first - everything else second.

Unfortunately I see this as simply related to convenience as well. A Chrome skeleton does not mean only Chrome functions so why are so many useful layers gone? I don’t know but now I even get advertising splash screen I have to manually disable each time the app updates with or without my consent.

So, it means back to Firefox and third party extensions which can be just as violating for privacy.

I’m ready to go back to gopher and lynx. Sigh.


It has recently come to my attention that some Android based mobile phones give you the option to use Picture in Picture(PIP) or you can toggle it off to disable it.

If this is a problem on your phone , very thoroughly check ALL of your settings this option maybe buried away in location you have never thought to look at.

But here we are still we waiting and waiting and waiting for someone hear from Brave to finally take notice of this extremely annoying and intrusive feature and finally do something about it.

If this option to disable Picture in Picture(PIP) can be provided on Android based mobile phones there should be no barriers to implementing a similar solution for Brave users.

What on earth do we have to do to get you people at Brave to take notice.

So will someone from Brave please, please, please take a look at this extremely annoying and intrusive issue and finally take action.

I’m voting for this.

One recent example is most news articles on The Daily Wire. They often put a video near the top of the article that is an ad. It will follow you down the page.

Since the video usually comes from an outside domain Brave can block it, but the empty player still follows you down the page. Super annoying.


Screen shot of the video container (actual stream blocked).

Screenshot of it following you down the page.

Unfortunately I’m not sure there is a way to prevent it. I think they are using Javascript to change the class on a DIV container as you scroll past.

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