Torren Sites Are Broken

Go to any any of the following torrent websites using an iPhone with the latest iOS updates installed and try to watch any of the videos available on any of the servers available. You will be be unable to. Up until recently all these torrent sites worked just fine.

None of the videos on any of the websites will work. These torrent sites stopped working at EXACTLY the same time that they stopped working on Safari which I found to be a little sus but whatever. These torrent sites are only broken on the iOS platform. They still work if I use the Brave browser on a desktop.

My mobile is an iPhone 14 Pro and it is updated with the latest iOS software version.

Hello @ScrewCensorship ,

I understand that you’re experiencing issues with sites not working on iOS when using Brave browser. Let’s delve into some insights and potential solutions for this problem.

  1. Webkit Limitations: It’s important to note that Brave browser on iOS utilizes the Webkit web engine, which is also used by Safari. However, on Android and desktop platforms, Brave employs the Chromium engine, which is widely adopted across the internet. The limitation you’re facing could be related to compatibility issues with the Webkit engine itself. Unfortunately, Brave has limited control over this as it is essentially a wrapper built on top of Webkit. If the issue is indeed related to the engine, reporting it to Apple engineers might be an option, but do keep in mind that piracy is generally discouraged by Apple, and reporting such websites might lead to blacklisting.

  2. Brave Shield: Another factor that could potentially affect the functionality of pirates movie sites is the Brave Shield. This feature is designed to enhance privacy and security by blocking certain elements on websites. However, in some cases, it may inadvertently interfere with the functionality of specific websites. To troubleshoot this issue, I suggest temporarily disabling the Brave Shield and then accessing the pirates movie sites again to see if the problem is resolved.

Best regards, @SwiftyPop

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