Jio Cinema Block Brave still not working

Brave is not supported by , a streaming service in india. Is there any solution to this

This solution doesnt work for me from: Jio Cinema Block Brave
Can you test the following in brave://adblock Add to custom filters, save and then reload jio.

What error message are you seeing? Our fix prevents the " Oops! Browser not supported. Please use another", which is the Anti-Brave message. Using a VPN may also help or break on the site.

I’m getting " Oops! Failed to play content." in any browser due to my location, even with a VPN

Jio Cinema seems to be working fine here.

Thanks for confirming. A fix was rolled into shields to avoid the site from checking for Brave.

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I’m getting Oops! Browser not supported. Please use another
When I try to play a video, here in india.
I have enabled Easylist Cookie, Fanboys mobile notification in filter lists by default.
Doesnt work with proxies either.

clear the website data and try again


Also test in Private window/new profile

site works fine

Ensure shields is up, ads&trackers=enabled, and not using other adblocks or privacy extensions on the site.

Thanks so much! Enabling shields back , and it started working.

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