Brave blocking all the videos i try to watch in a website and the site is safe

When i try to watch sonething on a web platform, it does not play the video and it continously stays black even after refreshing. In my opinion i think it may be because of the upgraded ad blockers in the browser.

The issue was present with custom settings so its no.

The site does not function properly as it may be for the updated ad blockers.

There is no specific site configuration

The site works properly when i use chrome but not for brave

Brave version: Version 1.48.1 (

I did a try on this link and it is working fine. But I am using Windows.

@Luffy_Gamer6306 it’s yet another issue where Block Cross-Site Trackers is breaking content on iPhone ever since the iOS 16.4 update. If you switch off that toggle, it should work.