TOR stopped working again

Hello. Earlier, I reported that the Russian government blocked the work of the TOR browser on its territory. And after that you bypassed this blocking, and the TOR browser worked. But in the last 2 weeks, TOR stopped working again. I ask you to do something again so that you can use this TOR browser. Since in all things with the situation in Russia and the world, the authorities can at any time disconnect all of Russia from the YouTube site.


Thanks for reaching out to let us know @forg. I’m not sure if you’d have to reach out to Tor, if it would be Brave working on it, or what? I’ll try to tag @Mattches and @brendan as I know they should be able to refer to the right areas or even let us know if it’s Brave that can help. Unfortunately it’s hard to get around government restrictions.

Have you tried the workaround posted here?