Top sites not working

hi guys

I just upgraded my laptop and for some reason when adding to my top sites , it sometimes just point blank doesnt add it , got me stump , as I say sometimes . And while im here , I cant remove that annoying polkofot add at the bottom lef

Additional Information:


For PC.

  1. For adding url to top sites visit I can't add favorite sites on my new tab - #3 by Crimsonmage21
  2. Polkodot if a sponsored image; to get rid of it, click on customise and disable “Show sponsored images”

Thanks will do it now.

Just one thi g though with the adding top sites It does work sometimes which I find a bit weird. But I’m going to follow your suggestions If you don’t hear from me you know it’s fixed it otherwise I’ll let ypu know

Thanks a million

I do apologize. I should is added that it is for windows 10 laptop

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