Too Frequent Brave Browser Updates

I understand the overall reason as to why a software, such as Brave Browser, needing to update every so often, however, why does Brave not post Update Notes, showing its users what is being updated? If an iOS and MacOS can post update notes, why can’t Brave Browser do the same?

I know that there are people out there that don’t know the technical jargon that comes with the update notes, which at least gives an explanation as to why Brave Browser needs to update. So its users can determine on whether to update or not update (i.e. hold off on an update for a little bit, before ultimately updating), their browser. I do understand that Brave isn’t as experienced in the web browser industry, unlike how Safari, Firefox and Chrome are, but the updates shouldn’t be too frequent, it should be at least every 2 to 4 weeks with a major update, so the frequent, every 2 to 3 day update, isn’t too frequent. Plus, post a listing of update notes, such as security updates, functionality updates, even cosmetic updates (if any).

It’s really difficult to use my Brave Browser, at times, when I see “Update” on right-hand end of my address bar, knowing that my browser’s performance will become lacking unless it click on that ‘Update’ button and have my browser update.


Release notes are posted on github, this forum, reddit, brave blog, app store/google play store etc

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Just posting other access points for update notes from Brave GitHub. I frequently get lost at GitHub and for me, these are the easiest access points for new, and previous, release notes (changelogs). The links to these pages are always displayed in the Brave GitHub Brave-Browser Repository (Code → Master)

GitHub Changelog Desktop

GitHub Changelog Android

The Brave Blog page also displays articles and the content can be different from what is displayed on Announcements. Many articles are displayed on both pages but there are differences. If you want to see other rss feed categories, go to

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Seriously it’s way too frequent and annoyingly inconvenient. The most for any other browser I’ve ever used. Please add a setting to hide the update notification tag on the browser and limit it to a notification every month.


Agreed, these updates are out of hand. Every few days and require a restart. Let us please hide the notifications and force a monthly update instead (unless it’s a critical security update).


Agreed, I am considering switching away from brave because of how inconvenient it is to be forced to update every few days with a restart

You should be grateful for these frequent updates because it means that you are getting security patches more quickly than other browsers. As Google states in their blog:

“we always recommend updating Chrome as soon as an update is available, to stay protected online.”


I completely disagree with this lack of logic. Updates & security > laziness

Yes, they’re frequent, but that just means they’re continually working on improving the product. Those updates help keep my experience ad & popup free as well as secure. I’m currently waiting on them to fix the audio / mute tab issue & if they were to roll out updates less frequently, I’d have to wait even longer than I already have. The next update can’t come soon enough.

Y’all are just being lazy and don’t want to have to close tabs, restart, & log back in. etc. That’s why there are bookmarks & saved passwords. It’s recommended that you take breaks from your computer & not let it run constantly, anyway.

Brief Addendum
More frequent updates means my audio/mute tab issue was resolved and delivered to MacOS users 16 days and two updates after my initial posting instead of many months.

Screen Shot 2024-03-20 at 4.12.32 PM

After March 20 update:
Screen Shot 2024-03-20 at 4.11.08 PM