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I have been using BRAVE for a week now. It is very user friendly; appreciate its ad-blocking features.

I have few feedbacks:


How about having a TODO list setting in new tab page; next to setting gear and bookmarks. The user can enable/disable the TODO list option. When enabled, the user can add the task and the deadline date (today or maybe 3 days late). The tasks may display in a semi-transparent sticky note format below the TIME in the new tab page.


(checkbox) Task 1
(checkbox) Task 2
(checkbox) Task 3

When task 1 is completed, the user can check the respective check box and it remains strike out for the entire day. These strike out tasks gets removed on the next day and the remaining tasks get updated automatically with tomorrow’s tasks moving one step forward.

TODO list will help users to improve their productivity. I like the settings gear and bookmark on new tab page. Though I wish I have a option to enable/disable recently viewed pages. Apart from the time and tracking updates, other features can be allowed to be customized by the user by enabling/disabling them.


I previously used OPERA and I liked the sidebar especially with whatsapp and other social sites integrated into their sidebar. When I receive a message in whatsapp,I don’t have to unlock my phone and check it nor I gotta to move to another tab page. Being in the same tab page, I could just click on whatsapp icon on the sidebar and have the message read. This was very useful. Not just social sites, bookmarks and settings were also integrated in the sidebar. Please think about it !


You may think about incorporating weather info on new tab page by automatically or manually entering the location.

Thanks !!


I would like a sidebar added to Brave. I love it on Opera, for the same reasons you wrote, and I’d only change to Brave if there was something similar to that.

Here’s all the extensions I think it’s useful to have in a sidebar:

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Hey Devs,

I’ve recently switched from Opera to Brave because of performance issues and as much as i love Brave i would like the Sidebar option to be implemented in to Brave that’s available in the Opera Broswer. It’s a preety neat feature to have all social media handle on the side and access it without having to opening tabs and going through chats or anything else.

It would be great if you could implement this in Brave.

Thanks for being Brave. :smiley:

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