This has been deleted

This has been deleted

Thanks for reaching out to us.
Did you download Brave from the official website (

Yes, I downloaded it from the Brave web sit as I did the other three installs, which worked fine.

I have the exact same issue. Downloaded just now from, for Windows 64-bit, installed, browser opens but every window (including to my router give the same message as shown above. I downloaded it about 3 weeks ago and had the same issue. I’d be glad to try Brave browser, but I can’t!

The following worked for me, courtesy of this link:
Right-click on Brave icon. Choose “Troubleshoot compatibility.” Click the top link. Then click test. Now it worked. The Windows troubleshooter gave this message: “Settings applied to brave: - Windows compatibility mode: Windows 8”.


That seems to make it work. I wounder why it was only this computer and not the others I installed it on. thank you so much.

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