"This code has expired. Please generate a new one on your other device and try again." - I HAVE NO OTHER DEVICE!

I was running the current version of Brave on my Mac. I had to reformat my Mac. Now, I go to use my sync chain code on the reinstalled OS & Brave, and I received the following error, “This code has expired. Please generate a new one on your other device and try again.”

I do not have another Mac with Brave installed, to generate a new code with everything in tact! This is not cool. There was no warning that this would happen on the previous installation. I should have been prompted on my previous install of Brave that I needed to change my sync code. Since Brave has no way to restore my profile info - which includes all of my bookmarks - I’m screwed.

EVERYONE - learn from my mistake! If you have to rebuild your computer and it is your only one - make sure your sync code is good before erasing your computer… Or, do what I’m going to do - and switch browsers. I am really bummed by this, as I have been a dedicated Brave user since it became public.


If your code is of 24 words then try adding ‘bid’ at the end.

Thank you, but that didn’t work. I just received a “This code is invalid” message.

@Aman_M @rodrige @Saoiray any help?
Also im not sure, but I guess there’s not much that can be done. I’ve tagged people who could help, let’s see!

@DanMills Do you have any other device mobile/pc etc. that was synced to your old Mac from before? Or did you just generate the synced phrase before resetting everything?

In the former’s case, you can use the sync phrase from that device (latest version) and use it on your new Mac. In the latter’s case, you would already have the 25-word sync phrase since you were on the latest version. So you would’ve to remove the 25th word from your code and add the last word as given here- https://alexeybarabash.github.io/25th-brave-sync-word/

More info here- Recovery key not accepted on fresh install - had to start from scratch! - #12 by Alexey


Wow! Thank you, @Aman_M! That fixed it! I really wish Brave would come up with another option. I do not sync passwords, history, or open tabs within Brave, so I don’t need the level of security of one who does sync those. It would be great if I could choose to sync my settings as a Mac user to my iCloud account, or as a Windows user to OneDrive. Then it is fully under my control…
On a side note, I have been using the same sync code since the 2nd gen of Sync, and I have had no problem until now.

Thank you @SmartyAadi for your referral!