Invalid sync code message

I recently installed Brave on my wife’s computer while I troubleshoot a hardware issue on mine. I saved my sync code so I can connect my account when I install/reinstall Brave. When I setup sync initially, I copied my code into a text file that I pull up and paste the code into Brave.

The code isn’t working like it used to. I’ve setup sync on several computers since I started using Brave, but it won’t work on this machine (I haven’t tested on other machines yet). I copy over the code and hit the confirm sync code, but I’m getting an error that says “Invalid sync code. Please try again.”

The file shows that it’s the same data from 2017, when I originally created the file.

Has anything changed recently that might account for this?

Nothing should have changed to account for this! Definitely could be a couple of things:

  • Some extra spaces (or lack of) in between the phrases
  • Hidden/unsupported characters (try a plaintext copy and paste – Shift+CTRL+C/V)

That did not help. I’m still getting the same issue. I originally copied and pasted it into a .txt file. It has worked on other computers.

Is there a limit to the number of devices that can be synced at one time?

I just compared the code in my .txt file with the code in one of my registered Brave browsers, and they’re different. I’m not sure why that’s the case, but the next time I’m on my wife’s machine, I’ll try that code and see if it works.

It looks like I received a different sync code at some point. This second code seemed to work fine.

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Glad to hear you found a fix!

I’d feel better if I knew why my pass phrase changed since my last browser sync and this one.

Hard to say, that’s definitely a new one – most likely you had different versions of Brave installed, or you totally cleared out your old installation and re-installed. The pass phrase definitely never changes on its own (at least it shouldn’t)! Which build/version are you using?

How does having different versions of Brave change what my pass phrase is? Shouldn’t that be linked to my account, not the specific version of Brave I’m using? I used the same pass phrase since I downloaded the Electron edition of Brave, back in the beta.

I’m currently using 1.2.43 on Windows, 1.7.0 on my Android devices, and I don’t have my Manjaro computer in front of me, but I’ve got whatever is the most up-to-date edition from the Manjaro repo.

Again, until I checked the pass phrase in one of my already synched browsers, I didn’t realize that the phrase had changed.

I’m talking about the different builds specifically. Dev, Beta, and Nightly installations are all totally separate from the release version (and from each other).

Wallets are tied to browser installations/restore codes. There are no “accounts” per se.

Either way – this is more likely explained from you starting on Electron and moving to Brave core. Backend there is totally different.

There is a limitation as well on the number of browser installations. You can yuse the same restore code on 3 different simultaneous installations; any beyond that, and the oldest one will fall out of sync. Hope that makes sense!

Okay, that makes more sense. I did help beta test the ads system at one point.

I don’t really use the wallet system. I’m more interested in using an open source browser than in generating revenue. I also have the browser installed on way more than 3 machines. Information about that would be very helpful on the sync page, since I wasn’t aware of this before now.

Would it be possible to add that information on a later release? That might help some of us self-diagnose issues like this.

Is there a blog post or something that has more information about sync abilities and limitations?

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