There is no home button on IOS in Brave

I am writeing because I have just switched from android to iphone. I used only brave on android, and would like to use it on iphone. There is no home button on IOS in Brave but there is on Android. It is more confortable when I easily can jump to the home page (for example google) when I want to go to, not open a new page, then write it to the addrerss bar for this…
Hope there is a chance to develop this feature on iphone, it would be more easy to use, than you.

Adding a (new) Tab opens the Home page, you can add Google as a favourite there.

Yes, but it would be more easy with the home button, as on android. If you do not want to open a new page you can use the current in this way.

Please add me to the list of iOS users who request a Home button.
Selecting home is preferred to opening a new tab, typing in a URL, then closing the previous tab.