I am not receiving Brave Ads for a while in my windows 10 . Why it is suddenly stopped?

I received Brave ads and it’s rewards till August 5 or 6 , after I did’n get any notification about ads while I am using Brave browser . I am using windows 10 . Also I checked the community post regarding this issue and I followed the instruction written there , such as enabling notification , disabling focus assist . It is not working for me . HELP !

If I reinstall Brave Browser , there is a chance of loosing my earned BAT which is in my wlllet.

Unfortunately, yes… Even with a backed up rewards wallet and verified uphold.com account… It’s rare but has happened from what i’ve seen… didn’t looked resolved either… Maybe you fall under Payments not being deposited to your Uphold account though.(?)

So sad , I earned those BAT by visiting many ads are not sent to my uphold account.

I am going to reinstall without uninstalling the browser.
Hope BAT will not disappear.

Brother, I too faced this issue 2 days back. I just turned ON button to OFF and again to ON to both BRAVE REWARDS & ADS button’s too. within 5 minutes my ADS are back.

Hope this might help you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :wink:


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before uninstalling the browser, if you have a copy of your rewards passcode, then your BAT will be very safe .

As after reinstalling it, you restore the rewards using that key here.

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Thank you so much bro.

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It’s my pleasure Brother. Did my guidelines helped you out. i mean like are you getting Ad’s ? :slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah , I getting Ads .

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I followed the same process you mentioned above but yet didn’t get any!!

me too
not getting ads

I turned off the brave rewards option in Breve Rewards menu and restarted my pc and I turned it on . Now , I getting Ads . Try this method.

Oops, still this didn’t work dude.

Anyway thanks for the idea.

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