The preview page doesn't respect the inner navigation when opening it in a new tab

Description of the issue:

When browsing the web and previewing a new website (by long pressing on a link and selecting an option from the context menu) after navigating to a different subpage inside of the preview, the button to open that page in a new tab still redirects me to the original website instead of the correct one.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Navigate to a random website that contains links.
  2. Long press on the link and select “Preview page”.
  3. Navigate to a different website inside of the preview by clicking on a link.
  4. Tap on the top right button to open the preview in a new tab.
  5. Notice that the tab that is open points to the original URL instead of the correct one (the one that you navigated to).

Expected result:

After navigating to a different page inside of the preview, the button opens a new tab with the exact same link that is displayed currently.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Brave 1.67.119, Chromium 126.0.6478.114

Mobile Device details:

Pixel 4A, custom ROM
Android 13; Build/TQ3A.230901.001

I’ve reached out to some Android folks about this as I’m not actually sure if this is a bug or the expected behavior of the feature.

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Please keep me posted. It would be quite surprising if that’s the case

Hi @Mattches!
Have you had a chance to ask around? Do you know anything about the issue?
Thanks! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the lack of reply here.
It looks like this behavior is the same as it is in Chrome which means this was probably inherited from the Chromium engine on our end. So this is likely the intended behavior although I do agree with you personally that it’s not ideal.

I’ll see if the team thinks it would be useful to/has any bandwidth to work on changing this behavior.

@Mattches thanks for the info! I wonder whether the Chromium team is aware of this behaviour.
Either way… thank you for your help. I consider this matter closed then :slight_smile:
If you gain some knowledge about improving this on the Brave side though, please keep me posted :smiley:

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