The new font is too too pale

Hi everyone,
I guess the new font is too pale and too thin. At least, changing its color back to black would make search results more readable.
I’m using in Firefox for Windows.


Related issue?

As far as I understand, the quoted issue seems to be a bug (fonts shouldn’t be changed in the middle of anything except changing the fonts), but I wrote about an usability leak. (Or, at least, what I think is a leak).
Thin, gray, small—choose one or two, but not all of them.
Thin fonts (like Roboto Thin, Lato Thin, Segoe UI Thin) look cool and modern. Apple and Microsoft use them a lot in UI, though I’m not sure if they are suitable for search results namely.
Fifty shades of grey could be sexy too, as I know.
And small text is good for displaying a massive block of information.
But light gray thin small search results are just killing my eyes.


The following plus other replies at the following, may interest:

You mean, it’s not by design and applicable to my system only? If so, I could investigate further. Thank you for the answer.

I, too, find the Brave Search font to be so thin and pale. Borderline unreadable and a strain on the eyes.

I solved this with a Font Changer extension, which is not available on the Chrome extension store anymore but can still be found at .
Just download the .CRX file, unzip it with 7zip, enable Developer Mode in the Brave extension menu and then liberally apply the Load Unpacked function to the resulting folder.

My choice is Noto:

This might be a Firefox issue.