Brave logo lion is kind of agressive type

why lion?

That lion who kills innocent animals for food .
Why people go always who are hunter type, not who are innnocent.

Look these innocent :frowning: , they dont eat other animals, not cruel



and brave adds logo of an animal that is ofcourse strong but very ruthless, kills other animal


Think of that poor animal who was doing own thing, had killed just for food.

why people choose who are strong , not who are not strong but still happy in their life?

Please dont take it as bad i’m telling about brave. I’m biggest brave browser fan. I’ve only one problem with brave is lion , why not goat, why not deer with antlers, why not any other non cruel animal :frowning: , but i know
Brave cant change logo , but if brave browser make another software please please choose innocent animal logo and if you know @SaltyBanana @steeven , please please forward this message to Brandan eich please my last wish.

Do take your meds…

I personally have no idea if you are a troll just having fun, or you actually wrote it in a serious manner.