Brave doesn't work properly with Odysee

So for about a month now whenever I open one of my videos from my uploads button on Odysee, it starts auto playing the video even though that setting is turned off in the settings & I never had this problem before.

I finally got irritated enough to contact them and they asked me what browser I was using and sure enough, I tried it on Chrome & it’s not doing that.

I also have shields down.

I know there’s something else that isn’t working properly on Odysee with Brave, but I can’t remember what it is, so I’ll update this when I remember.

Please fix the auto play issues.


Is the autoplay setting turned off on the site itself or is the permission for the site to autoplay disabled in Brave? If the site settings permission is disabled it certainly shouldn’t be doing that.


Yes, it’s turned off in Odysee’s settings. That was the first thing I checked.

I knew it was, but thought maybe it got turned on by them in an update or something.

Also just so you know, I’ve also been having problems for months now with being able to use the spacebar to pause & restart playing videos on YT & Odysee. Sometimes even the arrow keys for rewinding & fast forwarding.

I think Bitchute is the only one that isn’t causing problems.


Lets resolve one issue at a time here.
Can you please go to Odysee, click on the “tune” icon on the left hand-side of the address bar, then go to Site settings and scroll down and ensure that the Autoplay option is set to Block?

Refresh the page and then test again to see if video content still autoplays.

Ok, thanks, that’s done & works. Maybe that will fix the space bar issue? I did it for BC too.

I know you don’t want multiple topics going at once, but I started a thread about the brave WP extension months ago & no one knew what I was talking about & acted like I was an idiot saying it was another extension.

You know you have an extension right?

I installed it when I first started with you guys & I’ve been getting warnings about it from WP & wordfence that it’s a security risk or something (not in this email).

I think it has to do with rewards. Here is the text…

“The Plugin “Brave Payments Verification” has been removed from but is still installed on your site.”

Please LMK if this hinders rewards & what it’s all about.


@Mattches - are you sick? I hope you didn’t take the death jab. Even us PURE BLOODS are getting sick due to the HUGE amounts of 5G street lamps & towers going up worldwide. It’s pure radiation.

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Did you see my last response?

Also, under the notifications button I couldn’t find this thread. Why’s that? In fact, all I’m seeing are old threads from 2021. :frowning:

Thanks & if you want my healing frequency tones, just LMK.

The WP extension you’re referring to is no longer being used or updated — so the message you’re seeing is correct.

Ok, so I’ll delete it. That’s all I’ve wanted tot know for about 1-1 1/2 years now LOL


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